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Sumetzberger Pneumatic Tube Systems (SPTS)

Sumetzberger are an Austrian based company providing world wide solutions in the field of Pneumatic Transportation. Aircom are proud to have been associated with Sumetzberger in excess of 15 years and continue to support the high quality Sumetzberger product range.

A variety of goods can be transported in a Pneumatic Tube System with a payload up to 8kg. Transportation is by air with items transported in specialised carriers via the Pneumatic Tube System to their required destination. Systems can be economic designed Pt to Pt systems or highly complexed systems with multiple zone transportation, automated unloading of Pathology samples or robotic interfacing with Pharmaceutical Automated Dispensing Machines. Samples that can be transported include but not limited to pathology samples, whole blood, pharmaceutical dependent drugs, medical records, cash, signed security documentation, keys and spare parts.

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PTS Main Component Brochures – 110mm

Recessed Housing (9.8mb) DB Station DRT PVC (0.6mb) DB DRT Front 110 (0.6mb) DB Diverter 10 EN (0.3mb) DAT Hsp Carrier 110K (0.7mb) Power Transfer Folder (0.3mb)


PTS Main Component Brochures – 160mm

Power Transfer Folder (0.3mb) EASY TOUCH Recessed End Datenblatt Final (0.3mb) EASY TOUCH Pass Through Datenblatt Final (0.3mb) DB Diverter 160 (2mb) DB Carrier (0.2mb) DAT PowerControl (1.6mb)