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Aircom Cash Transfer Systems

Manufactured in Australia, Aircom Cash Transfer Systems are an inexpensive means to transport excess cash from cash registers, bottle shops or remote cash areas back to a safe and secure Cash Office.

Aircom Cash Transfer Systems minimise the risk when transporting money throughout your Retail store or Bank. Substantial costs savings can be made through efficiency and security due to the transfer of cash can be made on demand – not transferred at a set time daily.

  • 1kg to 3kg payload
  • System size – 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm
  • Hard Carriers or Bag Carriers
  • Simple Point to Point or Multi Station systems
  • Security Access Control – Smart Card or PIN code access
  • PC monitoring of every transaction including carrier tracking module

Aircom Cash Transfer Systems are an invaluable means of transporting your money – fast, efficient and secure.

Please refer below to major Retail outlets who install Aircom Cash Transfer Systems.