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Pneumatic Transportation and Healthcare Automation Solutions

Welcome to Aircom Group

Aircom Group specialise in providing technical solutions in the field of Pneumatic Tube Transportation and Healthcare Automation systems for the Medical, Retail, Banking, Community and Mining sectors.

Whether your application requires the secure transportation of pharmaceutical drugs, pathology samples, hot metal sample testing, secure cash transfer, documentation, community waste management systems or automating the food and linen delivery process in a hospital by means of AGV robots, Aircom Group has a product that will suit your specific application – totally.

At Aircom Group we design, develop and manufacture Pneumatic Tube Systems locally at our manufacturing facilities in Sydney, NSW, while in association with our key global network partners, we provide a niche range of high quality products that make us a leader in technology and services when it comes to Pneumatic Tube Transportation and Healthcare Automation Systems.

Welcome to our website and please feel free to contact us direct should you require further clarification or a free quotation and assessment of your current project.