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Pneumatic Transportation and Healthcare Automation Solutions

The MEDISTORE is designed to manage 99% of pharmaceutical packages available on the market, including but not limited to traditional carton packaging, bottles measuring from 6mm up to 150mm (granules) and larger packages up to 2.5kg.

Main features and Benefits:

  • 10% – 20% less stock;
  • Eliminate costs associated with out of date stock;
  • 72% time saved dealing with reloading and counting stock;
  • Automatic Fast Charge Box can load 400 boxes per hour;
  • Modular and can be customised to suit any store configuration.

MEDISTORE is a fully automated system designed to optimise pharmaceutical shelf filling and medicine selection thus leaving your staff free to concentrate on customer service.

Medistore can be interfaced to the Sumetzberger PTS.

Label Pharma Medistore – (English version)